Objectif Sega en Mobygames


Excuse mois if I don’t speak French, but I thought that you could be interested to know that Mobygames has added Objetif Sega as a source for the design of average game ratings.

Here some examples:


Out of these average notes, Mobygames also makes an all-time best list, which is updated with every rating added.


Hope you find it interesting at least. :slight_smile:


Thank for the addition, it’s good to see that our reviews are reading outside France.
If you want add another reviews, do it. :wink:

Hello Cralfer!

Nice to see others SEGA fans abroad (Even if I’m also like you, a foreigner => I’m coming from Belgium. lol ^^). It’s not a problem if you’re french level is not good enough. English is good too. Welcome to you!!

Thanks for the welcome, guys! :wink:

By the way, I have tried to add your ratings for the Dreamcast, but I can’t find the date of the reviews… can somebody help me? Thanks!

In fact, since the second version of the website we don’t publish the date of the review.
We could do something for the next reviews but not for the reviews already published.