For ENGLISH speakers

Ici, on parle en ANGLAIS !

Here, we speak in ENGLISH !

Hi there!

My taylor is rich!

My english is very bad !:lol:

Hi! Great idea Spin-Dash… So we will see now who know english enough to discuss on this topic! LOL

Yes, very good idea this thread, but my english is not perfect…

And, were are the English forumer ?

If you want play with me, it’s possible to make a rendez-vous on the x-box live…

Not a bad idea at all.

I see that nobody launch a topic but only give a little answer.
so, what can we speak about here? (maybe this question is wrong, but everybody will be able to understand I think), so I launch a subject : Which games do you play actually?

no games because no time…

Wow, it’s a long time i don’t speack english (sorry if i make mistakes). So, now i’m playing on Viking Battle for Asgard (thanks OS for that :wink: ) and after i think i began Devil May cry 4 or Lost Odyssey.

Pffff, it’s not easy but funny this topic…

hi, i speak a little but it’s a good idea!

In this time, my principal game, it’s Halo, but my brain is like an truck engine…

I want my cofee now :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right neoraph. This topic was launch a few days ago but nobody have something to say. For the games that I play nowadays, there are « The Club » on my PC. A very fun game where the main goal is to obtain the hightest score. Another game, « Akumajo Dracula X » on Saturn, a game I received last week. Very plaisant and funny. Indisputable one of the best episode of the saga… ^^

Akumajo dracula X ,I want it.
It’s the game I wich for a moment, but I wait to find it at a good price. I’m going to buy this game.

I found it for approximatively 35 euros. I know, I’m lucky!! LOL

Yes you are a lucky man…

How do you say : « pour ma part »?
Edit de Greendog : « from my point of view » :wink:

so pour ma part (I will edit it later), I discover the strange and quite rare Densha de go ex on the Sega Saturn! it is not very beautifull with lots of pixels and some display bugs, but I think it is quite interresting. Of course, it is always the same thing, it means drive the train for A point to B point, with lots of stop between these two points (sorry I don’t know how to say « gare » too). The train sound is quite good, and the game is a little technical! If you enter to the « gare » too fast, you will not be able to stop the train and all people will fall down! Now, I will have to find the Densha de go Saturn controller!
I discover VF4 Evolution on PS2 too, and it is quite good. I don’t play enough to give my opinion, but first hand are very fun :slight_smile: and there is always the same sound of other VF when you select a menu. Great :slight_smile:

I don’t known the saturn version but I know this game on dreamcast, and it’s good but not on the duration (pour durée je sais pas si on peut le dire comme ça). For akumajo you are lucky my friend.:wink:
At the moment I play Cotton boomrang and thunder force V. But TFV is very difficult for me.


All thunder force are very hard but it’s a great licence.

Have you try thunder force six on ps2?

It’s only available on japan PS2 edited by SEGA! I like it, it’s a good shoot them up!

It’s not the better but it’s very pretty and most simply!

I have not tried it yet but it looks cool…

Up down up down shoot shoot shoot^^