Les Persona 4 [Golden | Arena | Ultimax | Dancing All Night]

Hello everyone,
The games of fight it is really personal. Anyway, the 2D fight is really dead for me, I do not adhere to anything recent. Here too it is very personal.
Dancing can be fun, but I have a little trouble with remakes. Frankly I think it’s not at all up to the original themes. But I will buy it. If only to finance the porting Vita 5.
P4G I have more than 80 hours on it, it is rare that a game manages to captivate me as much. Enjoy it, it’s rare to have this RPG quality there. I devoured the story as you devour an excellent Manga / Anime!

Wow wow wow !!! J’ai eu du pot de regarder !!! Figurez vous que la version collector de Persona Dancing All Night comporte des codes DLC dont le Person Dancing All Nights 4 offert dans ce pack via un code … Valable jusqu’au 12/04/2020 !!! Une semaine de plus et c’était adios le 4 !!!:lol::lol:


Qui va le prendre bientôt ?